Detailed Information About Friday February 19 2010 Hearing on LR 292

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Nebraska State Capitol Rotunda as seen from a balcony
Nebraska State Capitol Rotunda as seen from a balcony

FRIDAY – Day of Committee Hearing

  • Have written testimony ready (12 signed copies)
  • Allow plenty of time to find a place to park
  • For a post with a number of various maps – for driving directions and parking: CLICK HERE

—– Events for the day, specific details —–

Hearing at the Capitol – 1:30pm – Room 1507

Again, allow plenty of extra time


  • We already have one volunteer who is willing to use his van to shuttle people to the Capitol starting at 11am.
  • Those interested should gather at Antelope Park.

Once you arrive at the Capitol –

  • Look for volunteers at the entrances wearing an id badge with the Sovereignty logo on it (the one at the top of the this post).
  • They will be collecting written statements and passing out stickers with the logo for everyone to wear in a show of organized support.

The hearing room -

  • The hearing is in Room 1507. There is an interior map of the Capitol building with the directions from all entrances located HERE.
  • The folks who make arrangements for public hearings are already expecting a large crowd.
  • If (and we hope there is!) the hearing room fills up, additional space will be provided.
  • It would be VERY helpful if we can let the folks at the Capitol know roughly how many people we anticipate may come. If you would “RSVP” for the hearing, we would appreciate it. Please click HERE to do so.

Protocol at a Legislative Hearing -

  • Hearing proceedings are like a court of law
  • Noise, including applause is not appropriate
  • L.R. 292 is presently the first item on the schedule for Friday (of two). It is difficult to estimate total length, particularly if there is a change in the order and / or any other measures are added to the list.
  • Senator Fulton will likely give a statement of his own at the beginning of the hearing.
  • Those giving testimony have 5 minutes to do so. Committee members may or may not question them.
  • Committee members do not vote on matters on hearing day. The schedule for doing so varies.


Click HERE for details on event and to register or reserve a spot.

Follow Up

Since Committee members do not vote on the day of the hearing, it is important to continue sending the message to them that we want to see the Resolution passed out to the floor for a vote.